Cloned and Caught: The Slippers of Celine in The Crosshairs of UterquE

They are ugly, it is clear, it is an objective fact, however they have their point. Almost no bottom sole and the foot flush with the pavement, it the signature French Celine opted for this new Member of the Group ugly shoes (away from siblings entertaining, Yes, but ugly look at you look at), in their fashion show spring-summer 2015, and must have been so bad not do it because it already has its first clone.

If the slippers with Chanel ankle bracelet conquered Zara, the of Celine they have done the same with the older brother of the Spanish chain, Uterqüe.

Comfortable look, although just having sole may be difficult to walk through certain bad tile sidewalks, however at first glance not give a beautiful appearance. ¿Will they become the Birkenstock of the moment or they will be reduced to a trend that could be and was not?