Chanel Tries to Innovate The Way More Sport and Launches a Collection of Tennis

Seems to be that Karl Lagerfeld He has decided this year, as we can see in their spring-summer 2010 collections, move a little stripe and bet on a touch more sport in some of your clothes. Fruit of this initiative are these slippers, belonging to the new collection of sneakers that Chanel has dared to market.

To start the wild worlds of the informal and the sport you chose these shoes, padded, Blue wash, with the symbol of the House on one side and the signature in another, with the last of white and a reinforcement of black color in your parts back. In the shoe has nothing otherworldly. Simple, sober, without many accessories and all the protagonism differential is what carries the padding.

Evil, as you imaginarĂ©is, is the rpecio of the sneaker (or tennis, which is how the House has decided to sell them). Although a similar model of Vans can leave us as much for 70 euros, Chanel’s double this figure easily. And it is that not everyone a Chanel in feet. Another thing is it worthwhile…