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21 Party Shoes for Dance from Autumn Until Christmas

And if this Christmas we started dressing by feet? The party shoes they have evolved a lot and are no longer simple shoes with heels, but that the possibilities are endless. In addition, we like so much that already you don’t have to wait for the holidays to use them. This fall can be the protagonists of our • Read More »

21 Wedges to Welcome The Summer

The wedges are for summer. Good weather has finally arrived to our lives! It is the perfect time to take a walk footwear each summer season star: Cribs. They are our great allies, ideal for day and night looks, in a variety of versions and heights, perfect to be the attention of any style. In addition, raise us a few • Read More »

Mark Style in Your Summer Parties with These 8 Sandals

In full safe vacations that you have summer festivals and dinners with friends that look Tan. Sandals are key in any summer look, since they are able to raise a single sublime style. The goal is to make a difference and with these models you will get it.

It Looks at Your Feet The Trends Most Daring of The Spring-Summer 2015

This spring-summer 2015, discretion is not in feet. We want to Sandals and shoes that I call attention, that are special, which cast our looks. The good news is that almost all trends are super comfortable for our feet. These are the trends in footwear that wiped out between the streetstyle, dare with them?

Feet with 13 Sophisticated Party Shoes

Shoes they are the complement that can change a style. You can have a simple look, which are already responsible shoes give the elegant touches necessary to make it chic. Classic rooms in black, original stiletto heel and striking Sandals to show off during this holiday season and that your feet look more sophisticated than ever.

Punta Booties, Shoe Fashion for All

If there is a type of shoe star this season, that is the loot. A shoe that you can wear with all kinds of outfits both day and night. Fashion shoe for everything! The proposals are varied, but I’m going to focus on the punta booties, They Stylize much more and have an extra dose of femininity.

Te Animas to Wear Shoes in Color Nude?

In college I used to call shoes by the obsession that had This type of garment. Infinite heels, platforms, flat or wedges, There was (or is) model I resist. And although I have been trying all kinds of styles, there is a shoe that still not part in my cupboard: the’s color nude. And it seems that they are more d emoda ever, • Read More »

Metallizing Your Feet with Sandals Silver

The metallic is fashionable, already told it you a few days ago when displaying you proposals of golden shoe. This trend, which is also at our feet dirty trick with Sandals and silver lounges, become the indispensable shine that will make you shine in a wedding or summer party. It’s footwear wardrobe, necessary to match any style • Read More »

Heels and Jeans for The Day to Day? Better a More Comfortable Heel

Ankles and Cristiano Ronaldo twins are nothing compared with those who have who you are able to walk day by day with a few very fine heel teasing you of the law of gravity. A gym in tow that Emily Blunt prefers in a festive gold for your look with jeans. On the other hand, the comfort asks another type • Read More »

In Summer… and High Heels

OK, I know I said in the heat of the summer what they deserve my feet is to go with flat shoes, but fashion is pure contradiction and I, so where I said I say say Diego. I’m just seeing a lot of famous summer looks with high heels and I love them!.

The Famous Lower Heels: Travel, Shopping, and Even for out Night Ponte Flat

Many of our famous We are not at all accustomed to seeing them without heels While many others are that the minimum that can be lowered them ipso facto, and it is that you as among mortals, the famous are also divided into two large groups: which dead before that simple immune to sore feet and other collateral damage • Read More »

The Heels of Valentino Are Pure Art

During the holidays, one of my passions is soak up fashion with the ipad, to see my favorite designers collections and new proposals of the brands low cost, than at the end and at the end is what I can access. And in one of those moments I have discovered new Valentino high heels, they are pure • Read More »

Barbie Baja Heels and Dancing Debut

Revolutionary toy to fashion icon, his famous face and singular style fashion world have made it on the wrist. I speak of Barbie. After more than five decades since its debut in the annual toy of New York fair, this doll has proven to be a source of constant inspiration to all designers. And today we bring you their • Read More »

Heels Fullcolor [50 Favourite Spots of Summer]

Summer seems to want more take strong colours, vibrant, vitamin and luminous. Whether in clothing or in supplements. A bland ensemble revives thanks to a pair of sandals with heels and full color, try and see. Goes for colors such as orange, green hope, lemon yellow, Bubblegum pink or blue klein. And to add the finishing • Read More »

Show Me Your Shoe and I’Ll Tell You What Day of The Week Is

I don’t know how or in what When reached Monday, but here we are, premiering a work week again. I broken toes so many dance, nightlife and non-stop from here to there. Every day is different and our feet know it, so every day deserves a different shoe. I am able to know what day of the week is with just download • Read More »

3 Shoes to Combine with Jumpsuits

In the world of fashion there are no moments of rest, every season fashion designers and fashionistas make its best effort to bring us unique styles; for some years, the jumpsuits come to look in the spring. This sexy trend is based on a single garment, easy to use and classified as casual and sophisticated • Read More »

Printed High Heels

Embossed heels are in vogue. The pieces serve to give an “up” in any production, as long as well coordinated with the other pieces and details of the look. The footwear can adorn with incredible compositions, being a great suggestion, even, for those who prefer that most basic look. The suggestion is to think about the consistency of the colors and • Read More »