Attractions in Monaco

Prince's Palace of Monaco

Here are some of the great things you can do in Monaco. Prince’s Palace of Monaco The right time to visit the palace in Monaco is at 11.55, no matter which day you choose. Then there is a change of guard in the square in front of the main entrance. Originally, the palace was a fortress, dating back to the year 1191. Since then, the palace has undergone many renovations.…

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City Break in the Europe

Amsterdam 2

Are you planning a city break this autumn? This is perhaps the best time of year to visit major European cities. Most places have fewer tourists in the streets, which means that the locals take over the stage. Prices are therefore usually lower, and city life becomes more authentic. According to Countryaah, most of these cities are capitals of European nations. Here are ten suggested destinations for this fall’s city…

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Attractions in Zurich

Urania observatory

It should be well done to get bored in Zurich. Wealth and Swiss efficiency that spans several hundred years, has contributed to the city containing a huge variety of sights and experiences. Here’s a selection to consider when visiting the world metropolis. Urania observatory According to DigoPaul, the observatory in Zurich dates to 1759, making it one of the oldest in the world. There you can look at the stars…

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Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy (Grand Duchy) in Western Europe. Luxembourg is a small inland state bordering Belgium in the west and north, Germany in the east and France in the south. There are two main regions, Ösling in the north and Gutland in the south. The capital is Luxembourg. Luxembourg is slightly larger than Vestfold county, has 556,319 inhabitants per 2014 and is one of the smallest nations in…

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Nightlife in Zurich

Sunset over Zurich

Zurich’s nightlife mainly takes place in the old town on both sides of the Limmat. In the side streets around Nieder- and Oberdorfstrasse on the right side of the Limmat, there are a lot of hidden bars and cafés. New bars and clubs are also constantly opening in the city, especially west of the main train station in the fourth and fifth district, around Langstrasse. Also in the vicinity of the Hardbrücke are…

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Transportation in Zurich

Zurich is Switzerland's largest city

Public transportation The city’s extremely efficient and easy-to-use tram and bus network is managed by the Zurich Transport Authority (VBZ) (Tel: (08 48) 801 880. Internet: The Zurich Transport Association (ZVV) (Internet: operates the transport system of the entire canton, including the trains. Public transport operates from 5:30 a.m. to midnight. Night buses depart from Bellevue on Fridays and Saturdays at 1 a.m., 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.…

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Belgium Overview

Belgium flag

According to Digopaul, Belgium is one of Europe’s smallest and most densely populated countries, and on the surface as large as Småland. It is a multifaceted country that has played an important role in European history. Both the EU and NATO are headquartered in Brussels. Capital: Brussels Biggest city: Brussels State: monarchy within the EU Language: Flemish, French, German Religion: catholicism Surface: 30,510 km² Population: 11.2 million (2013) Population density:…

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France Overview

France flag

According to Digopaul, France is the world’s most visited destination, and is visited every year by 85 million tourists. Here you will find both beaches, alps, vineyards and a wealth of cultural riches. Few countries have such a rich cultural offer as France. Capital: Paris Biggest city: Paris State: republic within the EU Language: French Religion: catholicism Surface: 551 695 km Population: 63.9 million (2012) Population density: 94 residents per…

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Jersey Overview

Jersey flag

According to Digopaul, Jersey is one of the Channel Islands between Great Britain and France, just off the coast of Normandy. Jersey does not belong to the United Kingdom but has a special, historically conditioned status under the British Crown. Jersey has its own legislative parliament as well as its own administration. However, the validity of the laws depends on the consent of the British Crown. With a few exceptions,…

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Luxembourg Overview

Luxembourg flag

According to Digopaul, Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy located at the intersection of Belgium, Germany and France. The country is one of the six original members of the EEC (later the EC and the EU). Luxembourg is one of Europe’s microstates. Capital: Luxembourg Biggest city: Luxembourg State: Grand Duchy of the EU Language: German, French, Luxembourgish Religion: catholicism Surface: 2,586 km Population: 514,900 (2013) Population density: 190 residents per km²…

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