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The Eyelash Extension Wire to Wire

Every day new techniques and procedures that promise to make women even more beautiful and young. Micropigmentação wire wire eyebrows, fills, botox and so on. And this constant search for a lighter, a striking look and the satisfaction, there emerged a new technique to doll eyelashes. We’re not talking about the old “Eyelash lengthening” that often hinder their • Read More »

The Women’s Paradise

Always depended on here about my attachment to virtual stores. I confess I got a lot more on the addresses gringos, but fortunately it seems that here in Brazil this new way to buy comes evolving a lot lately.

Some Gifts Tips for Your Mom

Is coming one of the most celebrated of the year dates. Where we look only if you mention it and the trade is excited, since economists say that the “mother’s day” is as good as Christmas sales. And with so many campaigns addressing the sentimental side of appreciation and recognition, who arrives empty-handed this Sunday? Not to mention • Read More »

Three Pieces of News about Juliana Paes

Juliana Paes represents a new phase of brazilian television, where “mature women” desbancam “brand new”. The brunette without doubt are in your best phase, be professional, physics (that body) or personal. She, who played a super powerful woman in your last role on TV, also bet on your entrepreneurial vein. Has released the name your perfume and • Read More »

Some Gifts Tips for a Romantic Girlfriend

The “Valentine’s day” is that date that always makes something special and creative to surprise his girlfriend. And dating is too good, eh? And if you already found the half of your Orange, nothing hotter than turn himself in to the atmosphere of romance and prepare something nice, full of love and cuteness.

The Best Street-Style of The Week: Casual and Fresh Looks

Those who dedicate themselves to the world of fashion are usually the first to break the rules of style that we usually follow all mortals. So in the Milan fashion week many have been see sacrilege! with socks and slippers, with shoes of cords without socks, with SOCKS white combined with shoes black. And the • Read More »