The cities to travel to if you like football

The cities to travel to if you like football

Watching football on TV is exciting in itself, but knowing the atmosphere and watching an exciting match from the stands is the very best. Most football fans probably agree, but not all Norwegians think that the Eliteserien or the Norwegian 1st division is so very exciting. Consequently, we recommend that you take a trip to Europe to visit one of the continent’s many football cities. The football fans who are…

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City Break in the Europe

Amsterdam 2

Are you planning a city break this autumn? This is perhaps the best time of year to visit major European cities. Most places have fewer tourists in the streets, which means that the locals take over the stage. Prices are therefore usually lower, and city life becomes more authentic. According to Countryaah, most of these cities are capitals of European nations. Here are ten suggested destinations for this fall’s city…

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Geography of Malta

The rabbit

Malta consists of the islands of Malta (246 km²), Gozo (67 km²) and Comino (2.6 km²), as well as two uninhabited cliffs. The islands are located on a shelf surrounded by a 200–300 meter deep sea. They consist of almost horizontal tertiary sand and limestone deposits and constitute the remnants of the land bridge that once linked Sicily and Africa. The coast is steep and cut. Highest point is Ta’Dmejrek,…

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Albania Overview

Albania flag

According to Digopaul, Albania has long been one of Europe’s most isolated countries, and among the last to be drawn into the fall of the Iron Curtain. The Stalinist communist regime is gone, and Albania is now a charter destination that attracts tourists with cultural treasures, pristine coves and a fascinating history. Capital: Tirana Biggest city: Tirana State: republic Language: Albanian Religion: Islam, Christian Orthodoxy, Catholicism Surface: 28 748 km²…

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Andorra Overview

Andorra flag

According to Digopaul, Andorra is a principality located in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France. Lilleputtlandet is one of Europe’s oldest states, and a mountainous country with partly very high peaks. Capital: Andorra La Vella Biggest city: Andorra La Vella State: principality Language: Catalan Religion: catholicism Surface: 468 km² Population: 85 300 (2013) Population density: 179 residents per km² Life expectancy: 83 years Illiteracy: 0% Currency: euro (EUR) 1 euro…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Overview

Bosnia and Herzegovina flag

According to Digopaul, Bosnia-Herzegovina, often referred to simply as Bosnia, is located on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The country consists of the regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is populated by three constitutional ethnic groups; Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. You have a coast almost 20 km long along the Adriatic Sea. Capital: Sarajevo Biggest city: Sarajevo State: Federal Republic Language: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian Religion: Islam, Christian…

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Cyprus Overview

Cyprus flag

According to Digopaul, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and a popular tourist destination among Swedes. Geographically, Cyprus is located in Asia, but is considered part of Europe for cultural and political reasons. Capital: Nicosia Biggest city: Nicosia State: republic within the EU (in 1983 the Turkish Cypriots declared the internationally unrecognized Northern Cyprus which is not a member of the EU) Language: Greek, Turkish Religion: orthodox…

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Greece Overview

Greece flag

According to Digopaul, Greece has one of the most interesting cultural heritage in the world, and is often described as the cradle of civilization. The ancient cultural heritage, the sunny climate and the Greek archipelago with its whitewashed houses against a clear blue sea, attract half a million Swedes to Greece every year. Capital: Athens Biggest city: Athens State: republic within the EU Language: Greek Religion: orthodox christian Surface: 131,940…

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Italy Overview

Italy flag

According to Digopaul, Italy is the world’s fifth largest tourist destination, and is visited annually by around 45 million visitors. Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes, ancient Rome, the Italian Alps and cities such as Florence and Venice are just some of the country’s tourist attractions. Capital: Gypsy Biggest city: Gypsy State: republic within the EU Language: Italian Religion: catholicism Surface: 301 230 km² Population: 59.8 million (2013) Population density: 193 residents per…

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Croatia Overview

Croatia flag

According to Digopaul, Croatia is located on the Balkan Peninsula on the Adriatic Sea, and is a popular summer destination. Crystal clear water, Roman palaces, old medieval towns and lots of sun and bathing are some of the reasons why the country has become so popular among Swedes. Capital: Zagreb Biggest city: Zagreb State: republic Language: Croatian Religion: catholicism Surface: 56 542 km² Population: 4.3 million (2013) Population density: 79…

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