Italian Literature: First Half of the 20th Century (Novecento)

First Half of the 20th Century (Novecento)

Currents and directions of modernity As in most other European literatures, in Italian literature around the turn of the century the realistic and naturalistic themes and spellings were replaced by literature that was supposed to correspond to the changed living environment and the modern way of life. So answered G. D’Annunzio the hard veristic social criticism with a cult of beauty in the sign of decadence; Characteristic of his aesthetic…

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Italy Modern Arts Part II

Italy Modern Arts 2

They expanded their initially inconspicuous material ensembles into extensive room installations. In ironic groups of objects, which are often accompanied by texts, z. B. Stefano Arienti (* 1961), Antonio Calenati (* 1962), Alessandra Galbiati (* 1963), Franceso Maria Garbelli (* 1962), Liliana Moro (* 1961), Mario Airò (* 1961) and Antonio Riello (* 1958) create three-dimensionalsituations that reflect both social issues and individual mythologies. The metal sculptor G. Spagnulo turned…

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Italian Literature: Beginnings up to the 13th Century (Duecento)

Beginnings up to the 13th Century (Duecento)

Beginnings under Provencal influence Two reasons may have been decisive for the late start of Italian literature. B. was particularly cultivated in the monasteries of Bobbio and Montecassino. The proximity of Italian to Latin made it possible to satisfy intellectual needs; on the other hand, Italy was exposed to invasions for centuries, which prevented the development of a centralized social structure. Although this favored the emergence of the Italian city-states,…

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Italy Modern Arts Part I

Italy Modern Arts 1

Italy caught up with European avant-garde art through the militant movement of Futurism, which was founded in 1909 by the poet F. T. Marinetti, and thus again influenced the international development of art. Architecture: With the buildings for the applied arts exhibition in Turin in 1902 by Raimondo D ‘Aronco (* 1857, † 1932) and Annibale Rigotti (* 1870, † 1968), Italy made important contributions to Art Nouveau architecture; other…

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Italian Literature: 15th and 16th Centuries (Quattrocento and Cinquecento)

15th and 16th Centuries (Quattrocento and Cinquecento)

The work of the humanists Petrarch’s appreciation of classical Latin points to the age of humanism and renaissance. The new attitude towards life, the rebirth (»rinascita«) of antiquity, the detachment from the medieval worldview, all of this had its origins in Italy. The patronage of the rich city-states offered poets and scholars good job opportunities. The first important center of Italian Renaissance literature was Florence, while Naples and Ferrara appeared…

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The Republic of Italy (since 1946) Part VI

The Republic of Italy (since 1946) 6

The top politicians of the coalition parties hold important offices in the Conte cabinet: Luigi di Maio (M5S) is Minister of Labor and Industry, Matteo Salvini (L) is Minister of the Interior. In addition, both act as Contes’s deputy. President Mattarella exercised moderating influence on the appointment of cabinet posts that are important for European policy. On August 8, 2019, Interior Minister and Lega boss Salvini declared the coalition unable…

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Italian Music Part IV

Italian Music 4

In the 20th century, Italy made its own contribution to the genre of film music. N. Rota created around 150 film scores for directors such as F. Fellini (“La Strada”), L. Visconti (“The Leopard”) and FF Coppola (“The Godfather”). E. Morricone was best known as a specialist in spaghetti westerns (“Play me the song of death”), but also wrote the music for films such as “Trio infernal” with R. Schneider…

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The Republic of Italy (since 1946) Part V

The Republic of Italy (since 1946) 5

The work of the coalition was overshadowed from the beginning by debates about the various criminal proceedings against S. Berlusconi and the related questions of his parliamentary immunity. The problem came to a head when Berlusconi was sentenced to four years in prison on August 1, 2013 by the Italian Court of Cassation for tax fraud. Thereupon a dispute arose over whether a law passed in 2012 that forbids the exercise…

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Italian Music Part III

Italian Music 3

Romance Italian opera retained its broad impact in the second half of the 18th century and well into the 19th century. Without being significantly affected by the Viennese Classic, she achieved world successes with works by G. Rossini, V. Bellini, G. Donizettiand G. Spontini. The dominant figure in the second half of the 19th century was G. Verdi, whose masterpieces still dominate the opera stages today. After “Rigoletto” (1851), “Il…

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The Republic of Italy (since 1946) Part IV

The Republic of Italy (since 1946) 4

After G. Fini was expelled from the PdL on July 29, 2010, as he was a. increasing criticism of Berlusconi’s management styleHad practiced, Fini’s supporters formed a new parliamentary group called “Futuro e Libertà per l’Italia” (FLI). On November 12, 2010, the opposition introduced a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Berlusconi in the House of Representatives, three days later the four members of the FLI parliamentary group left the…

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