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What to Take into Account When Buying Tennis Shoes

Shoes are still the footwear of choice for brazilians, just look at the disparity in the amount of shoes stores the sneakers in the shopping malls and also of the supply of product to know who takes the best. Surely you must have more than one pair in your closet and probably already writing your • Read More »

Discover the Best Sneakers for Running 2018

Confused about which shoes running 2018 buy? If you want the best of the best, you must see this check that we made for you. Let yourself be surprised. Every year, the magazine Runner”s World, considered to be the best magazine race in the world, tests and analyzes all of the models, having selected the • Read More »

Don’t Neglect the Shoes in Summer

The great victim of the summer are always the feet ‘ we wear them ‘ in any way by that prioritize comfort style. And no, that Yes, “style” is not first. So it fits in line with where you go and for what. I am going to propose in this post three styles of footwear for • Read More »

Jump with Socks, the Favorite Fashion in Japan

They Do Not Leave The High Heels And, To Ease The Little Feet, They Have Adopted The Fashion Of The Heel With Sock! Every woman loves a jump, but in Japan, girls are obsessed: whether at work, at shows or even to go to the supermarket, they never come down from the jump! The consequences of • Read More »

Summer Fashion Footprint

In times past the sneakers were considered only as an option for those looking for comfort, this concept has changed. Currently they have become the object of desire and increasingly present in the female wardrobe. What can be observed in the stands of the Minas Trend Preview are different bets for this type of footwear. Animal print, • Read More »

Equipment and Clothing Suitable for Running in Summer

Summer is characterized by its high temperatures and the days full of Sun in which people who practice career have more chances to experience the effects of this situation on our own body. It is important that we put a remedy to this and so we will simply use a proper equipment that fits the • Read More »

Lacoste Legends Collection 12.12: Christmas Gives a Very Special Collection

Lately the firm Lacoste It is driving much within their collections the idea of special collaborations among different firms of the time specialized in sneakers and sporty or casual footwear. But the launch of its 12 models was December 12th (hence is 12.12 collection) is undoubtedly the culmination of this spirit that seeks to introduce • Read More »

Gucci Modernizes Its Fabric and Neoprene Hightop

Renew or die. If that don’t ask him to Gucci, a signature with each time a greater number of followers especially on your footwear collection (among them Cristiano Ronaldo as I discussed a few days ago). Their high top, especially the anagram in fabric and leather upholstery, and prints have become everything a reference being • Read More »

Santoni Designed Sports Sneakers for The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

In all corners of the blogosphere of luxury are presenting these shoes made by Santoni for Mercedes-Benz. Who cares about having the SLS AMG to carry them?. I do not I would mind at all. They have been designed in the conduction of the fabulous Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the quality of the Italian shoe • Read More »

Shoes with Laces Semi-Automatic (Project)

On the platform Kickstarter all types of devices are advertised in search of funding to be developed and launched into the market. This time it caught my attention Powerlace, a sports shoe with a cords that conform without any knots or use hands, almost automatically. No, they are not as the robocordones of back to • Read More »

Nike Presents Its New Technologies for Runners in Clothing &Amp; Footwear

Nike It has always been one of the sports brands more at the forefront of technology and design: carries out its own research to get material for sale sports functional and pretty. The latest technologies of this giant of the sport are aimed at runners: Nike Aeroloft y Dynamic Flywire. The sports equipment is important • Read More »

Thus a Sports Shoe Is Manufactured

Do you know manufacturing a sports shoe conventional? Just do lack minutes to make a few scraps of skin and a few pieces of rubber transforms into a pair of sneakers for sports. That must be Yes, industrial machinery and computer software that makes life easier. In this video we explain in five minutes manufacturing • Read More »

Properly Clean Training Shoes

In previous articles we have always highlighted the importance of using proper footwear for each activity. Especially if salts to run it is necessary that the shoe adapts to the needs of our tread, but technical characteristics of footwear are not always the main thing, but it is important to the maintenance. So in this • Read More »

Adidas and Porsche Design: Sneakers with Class

The guys are lucky. Adidas and Porsche Design, two historic marks, each in their world, share philosophy. Both remain committed to innovation, passion and sophistication. For this reason, have created a line of athletic shoes with much class, I would say that spectacular. Classical forms and timeless designs for guys who go modern and casual • Read More »

The Dangers of Abuse of The Sneakers with Wheels

They’re getting more and more fashionable. Today it is normal to go down the street and see a child walk with sneakers “cruder” than normal and, suddenly, see that it begins to slide with them, thanks to a wheel that have these shoes in the heel. They are the famous Heelys or shoes with wheels. • Read More »

Summer 08 Collection in Athletic Shoes LV (II)

As we mentioned the other day, Louis Vuitton bet strong this summer by the comfort, sport clothing, quality always but with a more youthful point. Because the Deluxe also has a rebellious age, as evidenced by the boots, the classic with the Monogram or multicolored. Calfskin and a few sides that remember you another emblem • Read More »

Summer 08 Collection in Athletic Shoes LV (I)

The summer approaching, we sense it, and the French House Louis Vuitton It has decided to give a really chic and sporty touch to our feet. On canvas and suede in warm colors, with the classic monogram (design which I think is perfect), and silver-tone with the logo printed, with classic summer stripes in red, • Read More »

Athletic Shoes Filled with Nostalgia

Like today I’m a little nostalgic I’d pay a small tribute to the some athletic shoes in their day they were unique models and that marked the stages of our childhood. Some still are still marketed and others have gone to a better life, although they are still so legendary that it was difficult to • Read More »