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Collection Ramarim 2016

Known for popular prices, Ramarim is present in major shoe stores in Brazil. The diversity of the brand is so great that it can reach all audiences, ranging from more formal chic casual style, without missing a beat. And even the affordable price of the items of the brand does not make it a simplistic manufacturer of footwear. Quite the • Read More »

Collection Arezzo 2016

Already in the windows to Arezzo 2016 collection. The launch models of the collection of the national brand for the winter 2016 happened in Arezzo Mob Party, internal event developed by the brand that happens in all stores at the same time. The brand knows even advertise their products, right?

Collection: Releases of Clogs Via Mars 2016

Wrong who thinks the clogs have fallen out of fashion, they just had one up on design and were redesigned. The Via Marte has a wide range of models and clogs if you search for sure will fall in love with some. As I said, they have been redesigned and some don’t even seem to clogs. The main feature of it • Read More »

The Mule Shoe Is Back!

After NYFW spring-summer, already gives us an idea of pumping this season. Women’s shoe and the model was one of the biggest bets, was the controversial mule. Yes, the Mule that was a true hit of the 90 years, decided to return with everything, to the delight of some and sadness of others. The Mule, for those who • Read More »

Talk Modifies the Classic Tennis Design All Star

When you read the classic design of the All Star has been modified rolls that cold in the belly and utter despair to think that we will lose the style of the best tennis in the world (at least for me), but not young! Tennis will not undergo radical changes in their appearance and will have • Read More »

Collections / Launches Moleca Shoes

When we think of shoes Moleca think of comfort and low price. It is also the head also those molinhas sneakers, but this is certainly not the only model of the brand. There are espadrilles, wedges, boots, birkens, moccasins, creepers, shoes and sandals raze. This brand is for everybody. It tries to please women of all tastes, • Read More »

30 Tips How to Use Clogs Anabela

Clogs Anabela type never go out of fashion and constantly found women using them mainly for its beauty and comfort. The type of heel gives more stability and security to those who use itwithout counting on both the sabot is comfortable. For those who like clogs Anabela say that it should only be inserted into looks more relaxed and casual, • Read More »

Collection Birkenstock Women

The Birkenstock is a German footwear brandfamous worldwide. Its main feature is the material with which their products are made: the cork. This is not the only raw materials, but the main. There is also another feature that was what led the brand from Germany to the world: the anatomical sole. This outsole has the curves of the foot so it • Read More »

How to Use Annabelle?

For those who love a jump and come down on him at all, the way is to vary between several to find a comfortable, we women know that many times to be beautiful, we have to spend a little bit of discomfort, however, with the amount of jump, today we can do with that comfort • Read More »

Piccadilly Shoes Collection

It has been the time to combine beauty and comfort when buying the shoe would have to resort to an imported brand. The Piccadilly offers us beautiful shoes and super comfortable, ideal for those who work in more social and elegant environments. If you do not know Piccadilly must be thinking, the Piccadilly shoes should be super expensive then. But you • Read More »

How to Wear Espadrilles

The espadrille shoes are one of the classics in fashion shoes. Arose in the years 80s, near the All Star and was a fever among the basic shoes, because it has no laces, just put in the foot and is new. Not required and the sole is very comfortable so much so that its origin was in shoes • Read More »

How to Organize Shoes on a Shelf

Which kind of question would you like to read on the blog in search of several different answers? In fact, everything matters in daily life. The theme discussed is a common trouble for many women. What’s more, it is pretty funny when a man gave the suggestion to his wife to learn how to organize shoes. Here are some tips for reference. There are not • Read More »

Albano Wedding Shoes

The wedding shoes of the new Albano 2016 collection offers a rich variety to be invited to the wedding. The Italian brand offers a line of shoes really unique, which incorporates the trend lines in this new season, adapting to different styles. With a triumph of sandals and open shoes, you will find very varied range of colors, ranging from the most neutral colors and elegant • Read More »

Take off Shoes Before Entering House

According to Japanese culture, taking off your shoes when entering the house is a form of purification which means that you are leaving the concerns and problems in the outside world. They call this kind of spiritual dirt “impure energy”. But in the west where there is a different culture from Japanese culture, do people have to take their shoes off before entering the house?

Christian Lacroix Wedding Shoes

The wedding shoes are of the details that you must be more careful to get a chic look, traditional or trendy. Today in our gallery we present a bit ‘of model designers famous, perfect for a bride who likes a classic look with a modern touch, which should never miss. The shoes can be white but, as happened once, now no • Read More »

Trendy Shoes and Sandals

2016 is with the foot in the door and many brands have started to publish their main novelties for next year. One is the Havaianas, which lifted the rubber scuff of a single shoe for an iconic item and is synonymous with style. Always with new ideas and new clothes for rubber sandals, Havaianas plans a collection of incredible • Read More »

The Chapín Renaissance, a Shoe of Spanish Origin

Although the towering slippers made glow in the brazen Venice of the 16th century, its origin is clearly Hispanic and Arabic. Let’s start with order. Origins and development of the slippers for ladies The chapines, like shoes for Lady, started to become fashionable in the Court of Felipe II. Despite the simplicity of this time, • Read More »

How to Keep Women’s Oxford Shoes?

A bit of history of the Oxford shoes Linked to the urban, cosmopolitan, elegant and cultured fashion, shoes with laces and lower (by the ankle) were born at the end of the 19th century. It was to respond to the Knights (which models were, in principle, male) who lived in big cities and did not • Read More »

Sneakers in Trend 2016

Sneakers are comfortable, easy to clean shoes for all days. They are suitable for several seasons and are equally popular with men and women. What once began as the story of the sneakers is a long biography of modern, trendy shoes, which are by far not only suitable for sports. Today, countless models in the • Read More »

Find the Right Walking Shoes for Women

It is often not easy to obtain attractive clothing. For hours scans to shopping center and fashion shops and get to the final but not what you are looking for. Especially when walking shoes for women are aware of this issue. With years of experience in the field of women’s fashion has discovered a way • Read More »