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Flats to Rock in Summer

Summer is all about wars, isn’t it? So the sandals are so fresh this time of year, as the flats, which are still high, although so low… because they are synonymous with practicality, comfort and, of course, beauty, even with these high temperatures. OK, a lot of people still twisting her nose, the sandals, that even • Read More »

Schutz Summer 2016

Run, take the schedule and reserve this date: 08 August. If you already have an appointment scheduled for this day cancel because the invitation that we have for you is a must! OK, ready for the news? Girls, next Thursday (08/08) will be launching the collection Schutz Summer and, to complete the party, will also be the 1 year anniversary • Read More »

Tendency for the Feet!

We’re all still mourning the defeat of Brazil yesterday, but let’s raise dust and talking about good thing!!! While yesterday, here in Brazil, we were watching the World Cup in Paris the Haute Couture shows were cheering the day of fashionistas! One of my favorites, sempreee, is the parade of Chanel, which always surprises us, isn’t it? So I • Read More »

Collection Tomboy 2016

Female shoe cheap and functional, with good prints and launches are always pockets of a few brands, so the Tomboy is a success. Sold in multi-brand shoe stores, without store own at least for the time being, the brand has been gaining prominence for having shoes costing from $30 for adults. The new collection Tomboy 2016 brings news and keeps • Read More »

Shoe Trends for Winter

The intense heat of the summer remains steadfast and strong, but there’s no denying that this is a great time to talk about the trends of next season. Every woman likes to be conceited knowing the main novelties of the sets in advance, isn’t it? Since then, we can start preparing ourwardrobe for next season. And the subject today, without doubt is one of the • Read More »

Burberry Prorsum Heart Print Bag

But it’s Valentine’s Day? Definitely not, indeed we are in a time of year almost diametrically opposed in terms of schedule, compared to the feast of love, but by Burberry must be something in the air, a sparkling humor that probably imagine summer flirting in the moonlight, romantic campfire and sunsets postcard to spend in the company of • Read More »

Vans: Mania is Trend!

The jump leaves his wife more trendy there can be no doubt, but there are days that we are not really in the mood, or sometimes the occasion also doesn’t have much to do with that jump, but the good news is that be comfortable, stylish and beautiful is possible with the VANS sneakers, who does not • Read More »

Looks with Tennis Female: White, Black, Colored

The look with tennis was gradually gaining ground and adepts and what at first seemed kind of strange to see, today is already super normal and is becoming a trend. The best of it is that they are being used with very feminine clothes, which leaves the looks with a very cool look. You find looks with shoes in various types and styles. It • Read More »

Handbags and Shoes to Summer

Hey girls, buckle up because today the luxury feeling will get into the universe of the temptations and we’ll talk about two vices fashion that lead any woman crazy: bags and shoes! We’re about to meet a mere mortal who doesn’t love a new shoe. For more tumult closet, there’s always room for one more … tight, but it • Read More »

18 Problems only Women with Big Feet can Understand

From small all you were saying that with those slices would become a bar. And instead you just feet XL. Repeat like a tongue-twister: Pointy shoes should not and cannot get into my closet pointy shoes should not and cannot get into my closet pointy shoes should not and cannot get into my shoe rack. When • Read More »

Schutz from Mother to Daughter

Hellow friends! Ready for the weekend of the run? This Saturday promises to get fog, after all the mothers day is considered the second best date for Brazilian trade, behind only Christmas, and people left to buy the gift from mom the day before. Jeez… today is going to be crazy crazy! There’s days we’re sharing with you • Read More »

Trends for Your Feet!

O centipedes … opsss. Cinderellas, can celebrate because today will roll sets for our feet! Has program better than spending the whole day watching shoes? Nothing better to brighten our days, after all women are crazy about shoes and, to keep the female tradition, never tire of buying another pair in those hours always has a little bit of • Read More »

35 Photos Prove That Without Heel Shoes are the Best Choice

Because high heels is soooo last season. Nothing conveys more the vibe “nor am I struggling. I prefer the comfort of a good pair of shoes without heel. Slip on, flip flops, slippers … the model is up to you. What matters is that the flats came to stay. They leave until that run behind the bus (who • Read More »

Inauguration Anita Shoes

HI Rozan Shakya and palpiteiras on duty. In today’s post I’ll talk about the largest network of Mato Grosso do Sul. Yesterday was opened one more shop in Dourados/MS, I was there to check out all of this close and firsthand come bring incredible news for you. The inauguration was scheduled for the 16:00 and since the 15:00 • Read More »

Enchanted Christmas on the Rei Mi Walk

“I left my shoe in the window of the backyard Santa Claus left my Christmas present How is that Santa Claus does not forget anyone, Be poor old IE Rico always comes.”

An Eye on News of Cori

Shoes, sandals, sneakers. Should be just one shoe? Something to protect the feet of the ground assault dirty and rough? Ah, but are very, very, very more! Shoes may not bring happiness (will?), but make us more chance to reach it. Hahahahahaha! Men make an effort to understand, but just us women know the importance that these simple objects has in • Read More »

DuMond: Inauguration in Campo Grande

Hello people! Who said that weekend’s day of rest? Look at us here … we’re here to pull your feet! Hahahahahaha! We have a super special invitation to make the sapatolatras on duty: next Thursday (04/04) will be the reopening of the store of DUMOND footwear, here in Campo Grande (MS), and we were invited to be part of • Read More »

Draw: The Rei Mi Walk & Naturino

Hi love! Prepare another lottery mega special, but this time who will win a pampering are the junior Rozan Shakya. Hehehehehe! Our “Palpitinhos” are making the biggest success, moms are crazy with the owls fofurices we show here on the blog for the cubs. No one can resist! You remember the story we did on the children’s footwear from The REI • Read More »

2016 Winter on Capodarte

WOMEN + SHOES: what the magnetic attraction between them? Why they love to buy shoes? Will Freud explains this love affair?? A simple accessory to protect your feet, your shoes have become icons with a life, objects of desire. High heels, low, needle, anabela, platform. Chanel pumps, loafers, sandals. Black, bicolor, colorful, golden. Until the material can vary – leather, suede, • Read More »

With a Party at Anita’s Shoes!

End of year coming and he begin to emerge a zillion parties. Cousin marrying, sister building, mega New Year’s Eve party approaching … all this without talking about Christmas! Afff…com so many looks to plan and present to buy, we always end up leaving everything to the last minute even. The rush is so great that we’re seriously • Read More »