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How to Clean Your Hiking Shoes

How to clean your hiking boots? After a walk you ended up with of dirty hiking boots and covered in mud? Resist the temptation to postpone the cleaning, first eliminate the dirt, as the operation will be simple and will require little effort. Let’s see how you wash your hiking shoes.

How to Polish Shoes at Home

Shoes should be polished not only because it is the most beautiful but also because so they last longer. Let’s see how you shine leather shoes and leather. In times of sneakers and street style, the old cliché that the seriousness of a person see how his shoes are cured, it sounds funny and timeless. And then • Read More »

Stylish Comfortable Shoes for Travel

Summer and holidays, which are the most comfortable shoes for rail travel by plane or car? Here are 5 ideas. Comfortable shoes when traveling to go on vacation is crucial especially in the summer, that does not mean to wear ugly shoes or sandals strong enough to be able to choose a pair of right shoes to • Read More »

What Shoes to Wear in Summer

What Shoes to put in the summer? comfortable and fresh, okay, but do not necessarily have to compromise on is a man driving and woman to choose the most suitable shoes to wear in the summer.

Names of Popular Men’s Shoes

Brogues, loafers, boots … The mens shoes have many different names, and was not always able to recognize them. Here is a list of names and the most famous male models of shoes, to understand the characteristics of each type and find out what they’re called.

Retro Women Shoes

If you enjoy practical shoes, comfortable and stylish, perhaps Keds is your brand. It is a new manufacturer entered the market in 1916, when sneakers or tennis in English, were becoming rage among comfortable shoes. It is not just a shoe manufacturer, but the first mark, the creator. The first tennis appeared in the world through the shoes and then • Read More »

How to Wear Wedges

The wedge is a particular sole without a heel, lifting and is the base for the whole sole of the foot. The shoes with wedges already existed in the middle ages, but their best period was that of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century when combined with pants to elephant’s leg or flared skirts in flowers were a must. Do you feel a little too “Daughters of flowers”? Let’s • Read More »

How to Choose Shoes to Wear

Surely you know the feeling when you feel that you have in the closet stunning dress with which to create countless fashion creations, but with shoes is already weaker. Below abbreviated basic types when choosing footwear. What shoes to lace dress Lace dresses are particularly popular in summer, but what shoes they choose is often a • Read More »

Care Instructions for Shoes and Boots

Take care of shoes and boots When you buy a pair of shoes or boots with us, then you have invested in a quality product. In order for it to meet your requirements and withstand tough use so you should cherish and take care of them. Here are some tips on how to care for • Read More »

Denim Shoes for Ladies

With denim shoes will be the latest fashion and will ride the wake of spring summer 2016 trends. The jeans fabric is back in fashion again in this hot season spring/summer 2016 but we are not referring only to the usual pants, skirt or jacket to a few, but of everything. With denim, in fact, at least • Read More »

Formal Lace up Shoes

Discover with us the new fashion trend of shoes spring summer 2016 and be captivated by the allure of these chic shoes. Those who want to dress fashionably, knows that you have to choose all the accessories carefully and calibrate them with style and sophistication. I mean, you only need to be informed about new trends of the • Read More »

Wedge Shoes for Winter

Do not give up a bit of height in this cold season, choose the new platform shoes and surprise everyone. In cold weather you have to not only cover the shoulders and neck, but also their own feet. Often you do it with shoes not always very fashion, or worse, unfeminine. Yet sometimes it takes so little to be sensational • Read More »

Popular Shoes Brand in Brazil

The Dakota is a popular brand of shoes present in the main multi – brand stores in Brazil. The focus of the brand is low with style, so your shoes are cheap and very broad collections to even fill the store shelves. The collection Dakota 2016 is now available in stores and with great prices and models.

Giannico Shoes

Nicolò Beretta, only 19, is the rising star of the design world of women’s shoes with Giannico brand. Nicolò Beretta is running. Award cool, for her Giannico footwear line, the competition for new talent who’s on next, conceived and organized by Alta Roma in partnership with Vogue Italy, he tells us his story. When did you • Read More »

Via Marte Shoe Collection 2016

The Via Marte is a popular women’s shoes brand found in multi-brand stores. The focus of the manufacturer is popular footwear priced into account and that she knows how to do very well. No footwear brand for more than R $ 200 and that does not mean bad quality. Some people use for years and love these shoes just renew • Read More »

Trend in Shoes: Sneakers and Espadrilles

Hello girls! Today I will talk to you about two shoe styles that will be used a lot this summer, as well as beautiful are super comfortable: the espadrilles and sneakers. Check out the tips on how to use these super trends! But for starters, what is and what is the difference between these two • Read More »

Summer Boots Ramarim Total Comfort

The summer fashion is a favorite of designers, when they can actually drop to the imagination and think of different colors and tones, dress women both body and feet with more joy and leave behind the sobriety of the cold months. The walkway to the summer is more festive, and Ramarim spring summer collection 2016 accompanies this pace. If you • Read More »

Using Tennis All Star Female Cano Long and Short

You have or have had Tennis All Star? If your answer is no, you do not know what you’re missing! The Tennis All Star is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Comfortable and versatile, they fall right at any time and with any look. You can use your for a ride, at work or even at a party! Shoes All Star has • Read More »

Using Sapatenis Women

The Sapatenis are super funky and comfortable, it goes very well with looks uncluttered and is ideal for an outdoor walk during the day. Despite having models for men and women, today we talk about female Sapatenis. They are very versatile, and should only be used with looks for celebrations such as weddings, graduations or gala dinners. But they save the • Read More »

Organizing Shoes

Good morning Divas!!! All right with you? Today’s post will be a test. RS I’m going to talk about something a little different and if you don’t make out please let me know in the comments what I promise I will be back for fashion! RS You might have noticed that I’m addicted to shoes . I have a few pairs and • Read More »