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Pedicure and Shoes to Go

To wear open shoes and sandals can not escape: it takes perfect pedicure and correct matches! As a designer dress is overshadowed by a messy hair, so it becomes unnecessary to wear a jewel sandal on one foot neglected . Worse: the mix would emphasize a message of sloppiness and poor self-care.

How to Style a Vintage Outfit

The wardrobe of the mother or the grandmother hides a veritable gold mine where you can find leaders who are now once again fashionable, the must-have timeless to wear to create some truly original outfit. By doing so you will have the chance to wear the clothes or vintage accessories, virtually no cost, and, who knows, • Read More »

Walking Shoes for Long Distance Walking

Shoes for long walks, for pilgrimage shoes: how to choose?High, low, closed, open? The choice is critical, generally for long walks and especially for experiences such as the santiago route. Here’s what to know. Let us briefly the important things in their choice of shoes for long journeys:

Climbing Shoes How to Choose

Sports shoes-how to choose hiking shoes? It depends on your level of preparation and where you will use. Here are some tips to buy shoes and climbing shoes, for beginners and advanced.

What Shoes do You Wear to Play Soccer

He soccer shoe to buy depends primarily from the surface in which you play. But not only … That’s the scarpealte scarpebasse guide to choose the best.

What Shoes for Modern Dance

What shoes are used as a pole dance? At the beginning it is better to learn to barefoot, but then you’ll have to move on heels. It is not easy, but you learn. We see that shoes are used, and how to choose the most popular brands among those who practice pole dance.

Best Value for Money Shoes

Shoes to run good and efficient but not too expensive, so here is a selection of men’s and women brands and models, price and where to buy them.

Shoes as Gift for Boyfriend

You do not know what to give to the boyfriend? Why not a nice pair of shoes? Trust us: it is a challenge that you can and believe. Shoes and perfume gifts are risky: you have to prove to get to know the recipient of the gift, to be successful. But we like challenges and the idea • Read More »

What Shoes should a Pregnant Woman Wear

La British Society of chiropodists (SCP) has issued some recommendations to pregnant women. It reminds us what to do and things to avoid while pregnant. Ballerinas, flip flops, Ugg boots and heels are especially to be avoided if one wants to keep feet healthy. 70% of pregnant women have foot problems.

Types of Casual Sneakers

Wearing an ankle, with sneakers is possible, but your choices are limited.Bracelets are usually worn with shoes that allow the entire ankle to be exposed-think sandals, flats, pumps and flip-flops. If you want to wear an anklet with sneakers, choose the one that suits your style of sneakers to a minimalist fashion statement.

Melluso Italian Shoes

It ‘a historic italian brand that has made comfort his strong point. We tried to see if they are actually so comfortable. Here are the results.

Choose Your Style Shoes

What are the shoes that are good to people, and that captivate women? how to choose? avoid wrong combinations and style errors. here’s our guide. The tastes of women are very difficult, you know. It is even more difficult when it comes to men. If men women always like, not worth the vice versa. All the more so in shoes.What shoes • Read More »

Shoes for 60 Year Old Woman

Maturity in a woman gives elegance and style, provided you keep fit and to choose with taste the combinations of clothes and shoes. Let’s see some examples of fashion shoes pairings for women 50 and 60 years and over.

How to Keep Your Running Shoes from Stinking

Sneakers stink more than other shoes. One of the tricks is to avoid moisture. But not only here is the advice to avoid sports shoes have unpleasant odors, for you and your neighbor. The stink sports shoes most of the other shoes because they tend to accumulate more moisture. The materials that are used for the manufacture of • Read More »

Most Comfortable Shoes for Driving

What are the most suitable shoes to drive? The best are comfortable, but also sandals and clogs are not excluded.until a few years ago the highway code prohibiting certain types of shoes. Let’s see what are the shoes more suitable for driving even considering the safety and car insurance (yes …) What are the best shoes to • Read More »

Shoes for Walking In The City

I Have to walk so much and i want to wear good shoes to use in the city, maybe around all day for a holiday. what shoes to choose? the key word of course is convenience.

Shoes That do not Slip

Non-slip shoes. one of the main problems related to shoes, in addition to the inconvenience and the quality of materials, is their lack of grip on the ground. But how to make the shoes less slippery? There are various solutions, such as we see.

How to Remove Mud from Shoes

As You remove the mud from the soles of shoes? here is a simple guide to clean from mud incrostamenti shoes and boots. After a rainy day or output mountain is easy that the shoes will blacken. To prevent the shoe is not damaged, here are some tips to be able to fully remove the mud from • Read More »

How to Stop the Noise from My Shoes

Shoes that squeak, creak, in short, make noise, absolutely to eliminate. How to do? It’s not easy. Follow these tips. How to eliminate that annoying and embarrassing noise that sometimes happens especially with the new shoes? Online you will find dozens of tips, some simple, some incredibly complex, but our first advice is this: if you really want to • Read More »

Where to Put Your Shoes

You have so many shoes and do not know where to put them?Here are some innovative solutions to fix your shoes. The shoe is just a mobile more often bad, that takes space. But at home there are so many gaps that you can fill with our beloved shoes. Just add a little ‘ingenuity with proper management • Read More »