Pedicure and Shoes to Go

To wear open shoes and sandals can not escape: it takes perfect pedicure and correct matches! As a designer dress is overshadowed by a messy hair, so it becomes unnecessary to wear a jewel sandal on one foot neglected . Worse: the mix would emphasize…
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Choose Your Style Shoes

What are the shoes that are good to people, and that captivate women? how to choose? avoid wrong combinations and style errors. here’s our guide. The tastes of women are very difficult, you know. It is even more difficult when it comes to men. If…
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Shoes for 60 Year Old Woman

Maturity in a woman gives elegance and style, provided you keep fit and to choose with taste the combinations of clothes and shoes. Let’s see some examples of fashion shoes pairings for women 50 and 60 years and over.

Shoes That do not Slip

Non-slip shoes. one of the main problems related to shoes, in addition to the inconvenience and the quality of materials, is their lack of grip on the ground. But how to make the shoes less slippery? There are various solutions, such as we…
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Where to Put Your Shoes

You have so many shoes and do not know where to put them?Here are some innovative solutions to fix your shoes. The shoe is just a mobile more often bad, that takes space. But at home there are so many gaps…
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