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Some Slippers to Dress Your Feet in Spring. Sweethearts of Shopping

In the world of fashion don’t know where are you going out the trends, and at the end every season just to surprise you one. To me this year have done the slippers, which have managed to settle in the fashion shops to dress the feet more original and daring. With large firms supporting them • Read More »

The Slippers That Will Accompany You 365 Days a Year

Since a few years ago I like the slippers. And it seems that everything that is related to get out of bed and go directly to the street It goes with my way of being. That is why this shoe I find it more than perfect: is comfortable, full of trend, is adapts to all • Read More »

Slippers for This Summer: More Comfortable Impossible!

Mustang This Spring-summer continuing a trend that we begin to see this fall. It is of the slippers, flat footwear that blends the design of the dancers and moccasins. Perfect for lovers of the flat shoes and comfortable. Castañer Different firms have opted to include in their summer collections the slippers. Knowing the success of • Read More »

The Pony Hair Slip on or Slippers with Hair. Yes or No?

“Hair on shoes? But what are telling me? “, that was more or less my reaction to seeing that the” pony hair slip on from Céline they were taking the street thanks to the replica of Zara – against must say that clone them was sucked-, but when the trend continues, expands and seems to • Read More »

Showroom Victoria Slippers

Once more the victory are news! From to days, Paula, responsible for signing press had sent me the invitation for the showroom of our childhood sneakers. Victoria It is part of our history, of our experiences. Who has not had ever ones? And now come in super modern and avant-garde version in the hands of • Read More »

Takes Note, The #Leopardslippers Are Going to Petal This Spring

If you were tired of seeing this happy animal print everywhere and also not you convinced at all the substitutes of the dancers or moccasins of life, i.e., the slippers, you are in luck, this spring have decided to merge and join forces! , and feeling very much something tells me that the with Leopard • Read More »

Next Autumn You Wear Some Slippers, The New Pretty Ballerinas Ballerinas

One of the main trends of the coming season are these new designs of footwear combining the dancers, the slippers and moccasins. A new model that Pretty Ballerinas It was updated in suede and “animal print” but keeping your style lady and the vintage touch that characterizes this type of creations. One of the main • Read More »

I Do Not Step on That I Wear Slippers… White

Already mentioned what os the other day with the arrival (from new) for the bombers to our life: the world of the all fashion just returning. The trends are bad as former cured that best when you spend it Wham! they appear again in your life and the put upside down. And you already do • Read More »

Victory for Winter Slippers

That the Victoria They are because it is a fact. In Jezebel I had already shown the collection of summer, bright colors and fun designs. As well, for the nostalgic mythical sneakers and for those who can not pass without them a summer to another, now also can wear in winter. And it is that • Read More »

Treads with Style: The Perfect Slippers for This Spring 2016

Treading with style and with panache. Growing feet they take more prominence and they start to become the center of attention of all the looks. Start a styling by feet It is not unreasonable, and there are many that opt for models of slippers the sea of stylish and comfortable. This Spring 2016 comes with • Read More »

Cloned and Caught: The Slippers of Mango Were Inspired by a Celine

Often signatures they play the dismissal, and with a reputation for clones are more secretive and slightly inspired. Whether in shape, color, or both. And today is not a clone, just be It gives you a look at the original garment. A week ago the people was a garment of Mango taken from the new • Read More »

Victoria Swarovski Slippers

The classics are thus called for something. And is that the Victoria slippers We had small are also a classic for older people. Come now going strong, and never better said, with models of the most fashion and stylish. And it is that every season they surprise us with new and precious models. This Spring-Summer • Read More »

All Can Be The Small Dorothy or, at Least, Wear Some Slippers Ruby

I am very freaky, and when I say freak I am referring to unexpected and unimagined levels. I.e. so freaky that my favorite movie (Bridget Jones among other masterpieces omo) is the wizard of Oz. Since I have reason dreamed of follow the Creamery road with a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow as • Read More »

Pisa Summer with Some Slippers

Many times what we say throughout the day? We can’t wait for power live fully in summer and that inspires us to think in looks according to the station. And today we focus all of our energy and our eyes in toes: tread with garbo and comfortable and easy way to style is not easy • Read More »

Will It Be The One Summer Shoes Slippers?

With the Roman being footwear Sandals star of the season and the ugly shoes still kicking, does site for any other footwear trend? Well, Yes, think that the slippers you will have your website in the closet of many, either version of low-cost or only privileged pockets. And is that two heavyweights of the two • Read More »