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Rebeca Sanver Spring/Summer 2012: a Collection Very Cosmopolitan!

Rebeca Sanver It is a signature of shoes that I have special longing. The content of this post I tell you the reason. At the moment, I advance that its collection Spring/summer 2012 It is bold, feminine and very sophisticated, but cosmopolitan.

The Romantic San Valentin Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas It is one of the firms that loves the Valentine’s day. Therefore, this day that for many is simply commercial and for other special, the signing of dancers has crafted a model very flirty and romantic.

Paco Gil Spring/Summer 2012: Do Feet Bicolor or Tricolor?

Under the name Mediterranean breeze, this collection Spring/summer 2012 of Paco Gil He announces the arrival of summer surrounded by a halo of innovation in terms of shoe lasts, cuts and colors, these version bicolor and tricolor. What do you prefer to dress up your feet?

Ursula Mascaro Spring/Summer 2012: Do Play Ludo?

After seeing an advance, Ursula Mascaro presents the complete collection Spring/summer 2012, of forties-inspired and where live classics updated with new trends in pop. Peep-toe and stiletto heel coexist with designs more disconcerting as oxford of male-inspired designs, medium heel sandals and platforms XXL.

Lodi Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: Calzada to Wear Daily

Lodi We are delighted with comfortable shoes without losing one iota of style in your collection Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. Models created for a smart woman who does not renounce to the heels and who takes care of her look on a daily basis.

As a Child with New Flip Flops… Personalized with Your Drawing

There are custom products to suit all tastes, in the blog have seen many original ideas. And these flip flops custom drawing of children I have loved. To make drawing of our only son must be send by e-mail and is responsible for stamping in flip-flops, sure that will be the only ones on the • Read More »

Flip Flop Flap

Well, as it is often recurrent, this summer will see the strewn streets of havaianas, and not be to vosotrs, but my the flip flops leave me a few brands that when you go to get something more open, are quite ridiculous. Looking for an alternative, I have found with the topless sandals, a proposal • Read More »

Alberto Guardini and His Slippers for The World

Alberto Guardiani creates a sneaker in limited edition dedicated to the World Cup 2006. A football symbol of style, fantasy and technology. When I saw I was fun and very original. Little seen, I would say. Highlights in skin and manually assembled, inspired hex geometries in the structure of a soccer ball. An original slipper • Read More »

The 2009 Shoe Ruby Slippers from Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz Collection

Once again, the most elite designers of footwear the planet have created fabulous socks, shoes and boots in rigorous Ruby Red and Swarovski crystals in honor to Dorothy from the wizard of Oz meeting the 70 th anniversary of the mythical film. Last year contributed to this creative and charity event with which they commemorated • Read More »

Tips for Users of Flip Flops

Sandals, flip-flops, or the typical footwear that many use in summer to go with fresh foot to the beach, is widely used at this time of the year, however, its use can generate some problems if it is continuous and above all with particular kinds of footwear, so, below we provide some Tips for users • Read More »

Sensi Retro Slippers

Sensi, the Italian company of sandals, just launched this new line called Water. (This type of flip flops remind me to those used by our elders in the beach) With a little color and a design very retro, Sensi launches this new model as proof, once again, that retro is still there: there are designers • Read More »

Slippers ‘Neon’ of Opening Ceremony, Colorful in Your Shoes

If makes little you showed them colorful for our footwear of the hand of Lacoste, now you touches the shift to the signature American Opening Ceremony, He has tried to bring joy and excitement on the soles of our shoes. And it has done so in the hands of the firm Pro-Keds to launch her • Read More »

Geox Will Have a Line of Sports Shoes

The well-known brand shoes with breathable sole wide its market and gets fully into the sports field. Geox Net It will be the sports collection which will be released in Spain in spring of the coming year. In sport the perspiration of the foot is very important, provides comfort, prevents certain injury and somehow gives • Read More »

Bright Walk, Slippers That Illuminate The Running

So, these shoes are illuminated to the run. The Mexican Designer Alberto Villarreal He has designed the perfect shoes for the night runner. Thanks to these shoes, run where you run, you will see. A perfect and safe concept for the runner. In Ingadget We explain how these shoes: It’s a model of shoes that • Read More »

Slippers with a Military Touch Do You Dare?

Military inspired looks come stomping for next winter and do so with slippers very daring. Pretty shoes of Pretty Ballerinas have maof your print star, the camouflage, an undisputed hit of the new season. Military Aires refreshed and moofrn hand of Pretty shoes, that based on the traditional pattern, transforms it thanks to special materials, • Read More »

Pretty Loafers, The Necessary Slippers to The Stalwarts of Flat Shoes

The slippers they have become a key footwear of our outfits, especially for the stalwarts of flat shoes. We already move in the winter of Pretty shoes, that shows us a preview of his collection of winter with new bets, colours and patterns. But the great revolution of the brand for next winter are the • Read More »

Slippers and Velvet Shoes Join Velvet Fashion!

At this point we know that the Velvet is one of the tissues that trendsetter This season. A fad that has also moved to the footwear to dress more warm toes, that Yes, not feel them on rainy days. We suggest these slippers and velvet shoes so join to the velvet fashion. In Jezebel | • Read More »

Pretty Shoes Autumn/Winter 2013: Slippers to Wear Daily

With this spring as bad weather, almost that we we can anticipate the trends for next fall. For the flat shoe lovers, the slippers they are one of the more comfortable and also more closed than the dancers. OS djo new proposals of Pretty Ballerinas autumn/winter 2013: Pretty shoes. Fluo & Camouflage The mixture of • Read More »