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This Summer Set a DIY E Inspire You in Prada and Marni for Your Jewel Sandals

Summer comes and my feet ask for clemency. Why mimo them and take care of wearing them during the day with flat sandals that I be comfortable and perfect to battle it out for hours and hours. But make no mistake, We always want to be perfect and many times this type of footwear does not give that different touch that often • Read More »

Low-Cost Trends: Punching Sports, The Midsummer Madness

The converse to the New Balance through sports Leopard of Celine and the Willow of Isabel Marant, long shoes emerged on stage, but that are going to petal this summer are without doubt, the sports with floral and tropical, they are everywhere (and cute)!

Perfect Shoes for The Days of Heat

Although it is not official, the summer is here. People going to the beach, swimming pools and walk (still a little white) legs with the most summer outfits. Skirts, shorts and dresses that leave to the bare feet that you have gone from being dressed by boots to sandals. There are many types of shoes this time of the year, • Read More »

13 Shoes Designed Especially for The Feet of Fashion

-Do sales to run? -No, I go party. The athletic shoes they have become a footwear that nothing has been done with several looks priori expected. Running shoe, sporting modern, street or the typical canvas of all life now displace so many shoes that are crying for corners not understand very well why. Are you looking for • Read More »

21 Shoes Stylish for Less Than 40 Euros

With the arrival of fall and winter plays go renewing Shoemaker. If you like to have many models of shoes and go constantly changing without spending much money, you can go by the footwear cost low. Of course not it is usually a high quality footwear, but it is an “easy way” to wear shoes trend and • Read More »

Christmas Toes Dress Golden

Nerves! It is little more than one week for the December 24, which means that we draw our finery for Dine in family, with much revelry and go to celebrate this special time with our. And as we are going showing ideas what to us, What color use, materials and others, today we propose to • Read More »

Shoes Winter 2013 / 2014: a Jungle at Our Feet

I like the exotic skins (of imitation, of course). In my shoes I’m always looking for quality leather, but my eyes are going back that mimic animal skins such as alligator, snake… and this season winter 2013 / 2014 have it very easy. The shops are filled with proposals of boots and booties imitating the • Read More »

Advance Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer 2014

The dancers they have a hole in our Shoemaker. Although we are in the middle of winter, you know as it is this fashion, trends advance, so today I bring you a preview of the collection Pretty Ballerinas spring-summer 2014.

If You Have New Shoes, Don’t Teach Them

Be as happy as a child with new shoes. I love this phrase because all love brand new shoes! So although it is winter, although we plugging us virtually, there are several alternatives for show off shoes, whether new or not, we give you four looks that your shoes will not pass unnoticed:

Label to Watch: Black Coffee

Café Noir, translated into black coffee, sounds mainly thanks to the accent on the E to a French label. But the name is deceiving. Where do you drink the best coffee? In Italy. Exactly. The shoe label comes from Tuscany from the small town of San Miniato near Pisa, the home region of the leather • Read More »

Dress Like Blake Lively for Less

Blake Lively is not only on the set of Gossip Girl style icon. Here is his casual look for everyday that has inspired us. These days, Blake Lively has returned to the forefront of gossip with a sweet announcement: the beautiful, blonde Serena Van Der Woodsen is pregnant with her ​​husband Ryan Reynolds.

3 Shoes to Combine with Jumpsuits

In the world of fashion there are no moments of rest, every season fashion designers and fashionistas make its best effort to bring us unique styles; for some years, the jumpsuits come to look in the spring. This sexy trend is based on a single garment, easy to use and classified as casual and sophisticated • Read More »

What Color of Shoes to Match with Yellow Dress

The tanned skins are spectacular with yellow dresses, this color is ideal especially for the summer season. But, do you think it’s hard to match the color yellow? It’s not like that! There is a multitude of combinations among which you can choose, always depending on the style of your dress and occasion. In this • Read More »

7 Tips to Match Purses and Shoes

The right is to combine or mismatched shoes and purse with the look? Learn how this combination is indicated today and still learn in that post tips not to miss time to mix the colors of your accessories in looks.

How to Combine Brown Shoes with Socks

Pairings: socks that are used with brown shoes? What colors they are all right? Here’s our guide, valid in every season, to match socks and brown shoes properly.

The History of High Heels

Although one does not know exactly who created the high heel, it is possible to find a primitive version in the murals of ancient Egypt dating to 3500 BC, and footwear used only by the upper classes.

How the Shoes Are Made in the Bally

The Bally is a Swiss company that began producing women’s shoes in the second half of the 19th century. Today, as part of Labelux, owner of other luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo and Belstaff, became a benchmark in quality and design of footwear worldwide, and also have an extremely sophisticated clothing line and reputable.

Miu Miu Shoes

With Some Crystals, You Leave The Shoes Beautiful And New Face The shoes are a true passion of women and certainly make the difference in the look. Different materials and textures, shine, colors and other details are key for women who like to be fashionable. And among the most wanted shoes are the Italian brand Miu Miu, • Read More »