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Huberd’s Shoe Oil for You to Take Care of Your Boots

I bought the Engineer Boots, John Lofgren. After, I bought a work boot White”s Bounty Huntercustom. The two are at the top in their categories, and the two are very expensive. For the price, I want them to last very long, so I never have to buy more. For this I have used Huberds Shoe Oil, the best product for you to • Read More »

Desert Boots: The Full Story, Where to Buy and How to Use

The desert boots are boots male short barrel rubber-soled crepe. Usually made of suede, have two eyelets, and a few seams. These boots have been created in the years 50 by the Clarks, inspired by a model seen in World War ii. Decades later, are still relevant in the feet the most stylish in the world. Depending on your age you will remember the • Read More »

The Best Brands in the Boot World Made in Japan

And there? As I explained in the first part of the series, I am putting together an almanac for the fans of boots. Is not a complete list… I know there are other good brands of boots men’s. I am gathering that I more cool; whether it be for aesthetics, for historic importance, or quality. In the first part • Read More »

Moc Boots, Boots Men’s Moccasin Style

“Moc boots” is a way, in the English language, calling the boots male or female that has the seam of a moccasin on the nose of the footwear, they may also be called “moc toe boots” in some cases. In spite of the moccasin to be an invention of the indians of North America ended • Read More »

Loafers Male: What Are the Most Common Types?

In the first place it is good to make clear that the loafer male is a casual footwear, therefore is not suitable for use with formal attire. On the other hand, they are companions suitable for trousers chino, tailoring and jeans, this last item preferably combined with parts aligned, such as shirts and blazers. What are • Read More »

Boots and Shoes, Trickers and Brogue English

Since the beginning of the clothing male, modern, people become the casual clothing, the formal standard. The clothes of the end of the week will be the standard in work, sports attire and work clothes are incorporated into the day-to-day, and who dressed in the field, it also started to be accepted in the city. This last, • Read More »

How to Dry Leather Shoes: Step by Step Full

Have you ever been caught off guard by a rain of those? Does not have umbrella that save, the shoe is always wet. There are shoes suitable for this problem, but are not always practical for the day-to-day. It is necessary to accept the reality of wet feet and be prepared to dry your leather shoes when you • Read More »

What to Take into Account When Buying Tennis Shoes

Shoes are still the footwear of choice for brazilians, just look at the disparity in the amount of shoes stores the sneakers in the shopping malls and also of the supply of product to know who takes the best. Surely you must have more than one pair in your closet and probably already writing your • Read More »

Discover the Best Sneakers for Running 2018

Confused about which shoes running 2018 buy? If you want the best of the best, you must see this check that we made for you. Let yourself be surprised. Every year, the magazine Runner”s World, considered to be the best magazine race in the world, tests and analyzes all of the models, having selected the • Read More »

Shoes with Traction Soles: See Models to Be Inspired!

Women’s traction shoes are there and they are a strong trend in the country. Despite the thick, heavy-looking sole, the trend adapts to the different climates of the country because all types of shoes can be “suited” to the sole: low-heeled sandals, high-heeled shoes, oxfords, sneakers, scarpins, etc. There are also several color options, with black, • Read More »

Cloned and Plundered: The Oxford Zimmermann for Much Less

The Fashion weeks they are much more for the news of the upcoming season. Your street style us about garments that would perhaps never have had the opportunity to see or notice. And the same happened to me with some oxford heels that looked Aimee Song in New York. Fringe and gold lace, this shoe signed by Zimmermann He caught me from • Read More »

Cloned and Plundered: The Panama Jack Stradivarius Slipped

They hit very but very strong last year and everything points to that this winter the Panama Jack boots fever not going to go if not increased. They looked like a real plague and go out without bump into a girl who took them was just as difficult to do a shooting star, therefore it is not • Read More »

Marypaz Catalogue Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015

For most of us, the Louboutines and Manolos are far away from our budget. There are other brands that are more accessible and that sales will not bad in shoes low cost. Thus it occurs with Marypaz, a Spanish firm that based on affordability and sexy designs has conquered a good plot of land in the • Read More »

Cloned and Plundered: Zara Is Inspired by The Balenciaga Ceinture…

Although at first horrified at the 99.9% of the population, little by little boots cut out of Balenciaga they were conquering the fashion victims and looked like tens of firms trying to them to clone. Years later, the initial model has been gone to renovating and added you place to create the famous Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots. And this fall 2014 Zara inspired by • Read More »

: Cloned and Plundered Chiara Ferragni Also You Copied

It seems that Chiara Ferragni now already knows what is in first person than other signature clone your designs. And if a few seasons ago was it inspired by the Jimmy Choo sneakers for his own collection, now is another firm who takes his famous slippers and the clone without mercy.

Sandals If Presented in Flatform… They Are Best

It is summer and my feet I ask for clemency. They want to be shown to the whole world, but the truth is that my short stature does make use of many times to uncomfortable models where is the heel the protagonist. But since the flatforms They settled in tents, the truth is that my wardrobe has given them a warm • Read More »

Pretty Ballerinas Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015

Despite being in the middle of summer, you know that gradually come to know the new winter collections. Pretty Ballerinas already has taught us, with beautiful and stylish dancers to show off during the time, and a novelty, several proposals for boots. In keeping with the trends and female models.