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3 Shoes to Combine with Jumpsuits

In the world of fashion there are no moments of rest, every season fashion designers and fashionistas make its best effort to bring us unique styles; for some years, the jumpsuits come to look in the spring. This sexy trend is based on a single garment, easy to use and classified as casual and sophisticated • Read More »

How to Use Men’s Sandals

The heat is suffered for many men. while women have some cooler piece options, like blouses, skirts, dresses etc., we are tied to the more traditional pieces, mainly in the work environment. However, an alternative to escape from heat is to wager on male sandals to escape from warm heat. A very controversial part in the man’s closet, but which can be very successful when used in the • Read More »

The Heels

The heels dominated the year of 2008. They imperaram in various scales–Street parties and parades—and will continue into 2009. We had a profusion of templates and not just the hegemony of a platform, or a thin heel anabela The good thing about a good shoe, whatever your shape, is that always gives elegance and a certain charm. There is • Read More »

Gladiators Come with Everything in the Summer

Is this summer prepare to tie, literally! What promises to be a hit in Brazil in the coming season are the Gladiators. That’s right. All it took was a parade of Celine to everyone want the pair in your closet. The model that remembers the Sandals of Greek soldiers arrives with a more current form, super combines with the • Read More »

Stuart Weitzman Spring/Summer 2012: Hollywood Toes

Talk about Stuart Weitzman It is talk about Sandals much more than spectacular. It is the Shoemaker of stars, perhaps because as he said, its objective is to develop a nice leg in a fabulous leg. And the collection Stuart Weitzman spring/summer 2012 It is simply that, fabulous.

Castaner Spring/Summer 2012: Esparto Also Are of Luxury Shoes

Castaner celebrates this Spring/summer 2012 with a cheerful, bright and varied collection: more than one hundred of creations that illuminate the steps of the new summer season. It is luxury in espadrilles or esparto shoes.

Catalogue Spring/Summer 2012 Couplet: a Season between Ibiza and Goa

A new catalogue spring/summer 2012 of Cuple to see other proposals within the national market of brands. To the address Toni Shepherd Since 1987 it aims boost Cuple among firms of shoes with an affordable price and a variety of designs with the latest trends as most brands.

Low-Cost and Spanish Sandals for Spring/Summer 2012

Lottusse After taking a look at the eleven trends in Sandals for this spring/summer 2012 rather resented the Pocket and the desire to make a model of the same fashion is inevitable. With the intention to broaden the scope to more economic possibilities today have a similar selection only with different Spanish brands of shoes • Read More »

Sandals from The Spring-Summer 2012, Eleven Trends

After the tips Patricia Jorge gave us about fashion shoes we continue our special with the Press and fashion sandals for this spring/summer 2012. There are so many trends we want to imagine. Among them I’ll take some of that most stand out and which will succeed more in the street.

Geox Spring/Summer 2012: Radical Change of Style

Radical change. We could thus define new proposals Spring/summer 2012 of Geox. The firm, which is characterized by its comfortable and different sports, want to rise to the occasion in the complicated market of footwear and opted for the heels, how? with sophisticated sandals.

Three Trends in the Business Lounge of the Minas Trend

The Minas Trend is, without doubt, the main business lounge sets from Brazil. The event, held in Belo Horizonte, bringing together more than 200 brands from different segments, presenting their novelties to retailers–national and international–and the press. The MW is also a great thermometer to understand key trends and make our bets than really promises to win the streets next season. • Read More »

Forward Jaime & Ursula Mascaro Spring/Summer 2012: Explosion of Color

Mascaro I am always surprised by their colorful designs, and next season continues with his usual explosion of color, that has not changed. And not the forms. The success of the collection of last summer has made models of the same cut and style but with new features would you like to see them?

How to Style a Vintage Outfit

The wardrobe of the mother or the grandmother hides a veritable gold mine where you can find leaders who are now once again fashionable, the must-have timeless to wear to create some truly original outfit. By doing so you will have the chance to wear the clothes or vintage accessories, virtually no cost, and, who knows, • Read More »

How to Clean Your Sandals

Summer is the time of year where the favorite shoe becomes the sandal. Wear sandals every day, however, often it can ruin them or soil them. How to clean summer sandals? Here’s our guide to clean the sandals in a simple way and without mistakes.

What Shoes to Wear in Summer

What Shoes to put in the summer? comfortable and fresh, okay, but do not necessarily have to compromise on is a man driving and woman to choose the most suitable shoes to wear in the summer.

Gladiator Sandals Trend 2016

The sandals are the footwear trend this spring summer 2016. Sometimes they come back and during this hot season seem to be their turn again. We are talking about the sandals, a type of footwear that maddens some women while others are horrified at the thought. Who loves them, can see the great potential of these models, while • Read More »

How to Wear Heels Comfortably

The heels have always been for a woman synonymous with elegance, but that doesn’t mean the heels should be worn only for the most important occasions or special events, such as events or for the evening. Many now wear heels every day, to go out shopping or to go to work, a fortiori if the type of employment requires a formal dress code. Are not • Read More »

Sandals Trend Summer 2016

The sandals are comfortable and perfect for warm weather and certainly those sporty flair but nonetheless glamorous and sophisticated are the best allies of a woman and of her feet. This summer at the foot of this sporty chic sandals to be comfortable but still in every outfit. There is nothing better than wearing open shoes when it’s • Read More »

Flat Gladiator Sandals Knee High

Gladiator sandals or lace-up? Call them anyway, know that these are among the most fashionable shoes of summer. What are the spring/summer fashion shoe 2016? There are, in fact, many, too much different from each other. This is because first of all on the catwalk each stylist flips his idea of trend and then also because every model • Read More »