Art in Lithuania

Vilnius Cathedral

Early painting in Lithuania shows Byzantine influence, which lasts until the 16th century. The earliest known murals (from about 1300) are found only in fragments in the crypt of Vilnius Cathedral. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which was in union with Poland between the 1400s and the 1700s, had close cultural links with Central Europe. A number of foreign craftsmen and painters worked on decorating church interiors. The art of…

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Theater and Film in Lithuania

Theater in Lithuania

Theater in Lithuania Prehistory of Lithuanian theater Theater in Lithuania began with the Jesuits in Vilnius. They were summoned by leading Catholics who feared that the Great Lutheran Reformation would have an impact in the relatively young Catholic country, which had been in staff union with Poland for a long time. At the University of Vilnius, which they themselves founded in the 16th century, the Jesuits arranged theatrical performances with…

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Denmark Overview

Denmark flag

According to Digopaul, Denmark has long been one of the Swedes’ favorite travel destinations. Every summer, tourists are attracted to the Danish Riviera with its beautiful sandy beaches, while the capital Copenhagen attracts visitors all year round. Capital: Copenhagen Biggest city: Copenhagen State: monarchy within the EU Language: Danish Religion: Protestantism Surface: 43 094 km² Population: 5.6 million (2013) Population density: 128 residents per km² Life expectancy: 78 years Illiteracy:…

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Estonia Overview

Estonia flag

According to Digopaul, Estonia is the smallest, northernmost and most sparsely populated country in the Baltics. The country is covered by over 800 islands in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, and borders Latvia and Russia. In other respects, Estonia’s borders are coastal. The two largest islands are Ösel and Dagö. Capital: Tallinn Biggest city: Tallinn State: republic within the EU Language: Estonian Religion: Protestantism Surface: 45 226…

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Finland Overview

Finland flag

According to Digopaul, Finland is located between Sweden and Russia, and is sometimes described as the Nordic bridge between East and West. It is also called the land of a thousand lakes, as a tenth of the land’s surface consists of lakes and streams. With 188,000 lakes, Finland is the world’s most sea-rich country in terms of size. Capital: Helsinki Biggest city: Helsinki State: republic within the EU Language: Finnish,…

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Ireland Overview

Ireland flag

According to Digopaul, Ireland covers most of the island of the same name. The country borders in the northeast on Northern Ireland, which is an autonomous part of Great Britain. The country is divided into 26 counties, and a member of the EU since 1973. Ireland is often called the “green island” and is considered by many to have Europe’s most spectacular coastal landscape with lots of unspoilt nature. There…

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Iceland Overview

Iceland flag

According to Digopaul, Iceland is located in the North Atlantic, just south of the Arctic Circle, and includes the island of Iceland and several smaller islands. The main island is located about 300 km southeast of Greenland, 1,000 km west of Norway and 800 km northwest of Scotland. Capital: Reykjavik Biggest city: Reykjavik State: republic Language: Icelandic Religion: Protestantism Surface: 103 km Population: 315,300 (2013) Population density: 3 residents per…

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Latvia Overview

Latvia flag

According to Digopaul, Latvia is the middle of the three Baltic countries. The country, together with Estonia and Lithuania after the fall of communism in the 1990s, has attracted many tourists, who have wanted to experience the special culture of the former Eastern bloc up close. Capital: Riga Biggest city: Riga State: republic within the EU Language: Latvian Religion: Christianity Surface: 64 589 km² Population: 2.1 million (2013) Population density:…

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Lithuania Overview

Lithuania flag

According to Digopaul, Lithuania is the largest and most populous of the three Baltic states, and was a great power during the Middle Ages. The country has a rich cultural heritage that has been kept alive to a greater extent than in most other parts of Europe. Capital: Vilnius Biggest city: Vilnius State: republic within the EU Language: Lithuanian Religion: catholicism Surface: 65 200 km² Population: 3.5 million (2013) Population…

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Norway Overview

Norway flag

According to Digopaul, Norway is a neighboring country to Sweden, and known for its magnificent nature with fjords, mountains and midnight sun. The northern tip of the country extends into the Arctic Ocean and is Europe’s northernmost point. The Norwegian fjords have been named the world’s best travel destination by National Geographic. Capital: Oslo Biggest city: Oslo State: monarchy Language: Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk) Religion: Protestantism Surface: 385 199 km²…

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