Western and Northwestern Europe

Western Europe

According COUNTRYAAH, Western Europe, is a geographical area of Europe which includes the countries France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Monaco. The area includes the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Pyrenees Peninsula (Iberian Peninsula). Most western European countries have a relatively short distance to the sea. To the south lies the Mediterranean Sea and to the west the North Sea. There are several major inlets such as…

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Flying with Baby: Tips for a Smooth Flight

Olivia lives far away from her grandfather from her father, cousin and uncles. The girl, who was born homesick for part of her family, started traveling early by plane. Her first trip was at six months of age, when we left Belo Horizonte and left for Uberlândia. Yeah, who is a miner or has adopted Minas Gerais knows how the distances here are immense mountains. So better get used to plane early. When can the…

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