Asia History: 1500-1945

Maritime Trade in Asia

Ships’ time approximately 1500-1945 The connections over the sea had become increasingly important. Already in the centuries around the birth of Christ, sailors had begun to cross the sea between Arabia and India and between India and Southeast Asia in the rhythm of the annual monsoons and in the direct line without clinging to the shores. With the Islamization of the Middle East from the 600’s. this voyage seems to…

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List of UNESCO’s World Heritage in North America

List of UNESCO's World Heritage in North America

Below is a full list of world heritage of UNESCO in the continent of North America. To view all North American countries, check Countryaah website site. United States of America The United States of America, Uncle Sam, the land of opportunity, is a state in North America. The capital is Washington, DC. Approx. 310 million Americans and Americans of other nationalities live in the USA. The official language is English.…

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Road Network in Central Africa

Angola Emoji Flag

Angola Angola has a relatively well-developed road network totaling 51,400 km, but maintenance is neglected. The railways, which go from inland to the three main port cities (Luanda, Lobito and Namibe), are not linked. The Benguela Railway is a strategic transport route for the mining regions of Congo (Kinshasa) and Zambia. Much of the infrastructure was destroyed during the civil war. Air transport and telecommunications have increased during the independence…

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