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Huberd’s Shoe Oil for You to Take Care of Your Boots

I bought the Engineer Boots, John Lofgren. After, I bought a work boot White”s Bounty Huntercustom. The two are at the top in their categories, and the two are very expensive. For the price, I want them to last very long, so I never have to buy more. For this I have used Huberds Shoe Oil, the best product for you to • Read More »

Desert Boots: The Full Story, Where to Buy and How to Use

The desert boots are boots male short barrel rubber-soled crepe. Usually made of suede, have two eyelets, and a few seams. These boots have been created in the years 50 by the Clarks, inspired by a model seen in World War ii. Decades later, are still relevant in the feet the most stylish in the world. Depending on your age you will remember the • Read More »

The Best Brands in the Boot World Made in Japan

And there? As I explained in the first part of the series, I am putting together an almanac for the fans of boots. Is not a complete list… I know there are other good brands of boots men’s. I am gathering that I more cool; whether it be for aesthetics, for historic importance, or quality. In the first part • Read More »

Moc Boots, Boots Men’s Moccasin Style

“Moc boots” is a way, in the English language, calling the boots male or female that has the seam of a moccasin on the nose of the footwear, they may also be called “moc toe boots” in some cases. In spite of the moccasin to be an invention of the indians of North America ended • Read More »

Boots and Shoes, Trickers and Brogue English

Since the beginning of the clothing male, modern, people become the casual clothing, the formal standard. The clothes of the end of the week will be the standard in work, sports attire and work clothes are incorporated into the day-to-day, and who dressed in the field, it also started to be accepted in the city. This last, • Read More »

Cloned and Plundered: Thank You Amancio by Bring Givenchy Booties

Don’t bother looking for them, there in no shop. Chaos. Despair. Impotence. Hope. Here are the (never better said) desencadenos feelings after seeing the new clone presented by Zara with one clearly inspired Givenchy. What’s going on? I no them in store because they have still not reached or have removed them from the market? • Read More »

The Fishnet Stockings

Irreverence. Attitude. Identity. These are words read and heard often when it comes to fashion. We’re in a moment where the quest for individuality has been observed in a constant effervescence. Opinion leaders note that it is important to reveal to the general public the coolest fashion: she’s a free territory. We see many of those rules and taboos fall • Read More »

The Awesome Power of Accessories – Corello

Do you think it’s impossible to change a look only with accessories? In the program we will match I had to make do with five pieces of clothing for ten days and may only change the accessories. That’s why I say that Yes, you can!

The Beach Bh

Every miner agrees: the only thing missing to Belo Horizonte be the perfect city is a beach, right? We love to put one foot in the sand, enjoying a great view and enjoy the Beach vibe. And, unfortunately, the beach closest to the people is more than 400 km away. But, there are people who worked hard • Read More »

The Classic Vans This Fall: ‘Boat Shoes’

Despite being Vans a firm especially dedicated to urban and sporty footwear either at its own initiative or in collaborations, occasionally takes some more sober and classic models which serve to dress and for days more informal, thus covering all possible records. An example of this are the known models such as ‘The boat shoes’, • Read More »

What Shoes should a Pregnant Woman Wear

La British Society of chiropodists (SCP) has issued some recommendations to pregnant women. It reminds us what to do and things to avoid while pregnant. Ballerinas, flip flops, Ugg boots and heels are especially to be avoided if one wants to keep feet healthy. 70% of pregnant women have foot problems.

Best Mens Urban Boots

For a long time, the winter was synonymous with lack of style. It focused on the practical aspect of the garment to protect themselves from the cold, wearing not really important to the look of the latter. It shipped also in the shoe: the only option available was the inevitablebunch of ski-doo, who clashed with all of our • Read More »

How to Remove Mud from Shoes

As You remove the mud from the soles of shoes? here is a simple guide to clean from mud incrostamenti shoes and boots. After a rainy day or output mountain is easy that the shoes will blacken. To prevent the shoe is not damaged, here are some tips to be able to fully remove the mud from • Read More »

How to Stop the Noise from My Shoes

Shoes that squeak, creak, in short, make noise, absolutely to eliminate. How to do? It’s not easy. Follow these tips. How to eliminate that annoying and embarrassing noise that sometimes happens especially with the new shoes? Online you will find dozens of tips, some simple, some incredibly complex, but our first advice is this: if you really want to • Read More »

Children’s Winter Boots

Winter is coming and we need to start thinking about the equipment of our little ones. One of the most important elements when it comes to a winter outfit: boots. These must be warm enough while remaining versatile; robust and durable to play outside, waterproof to withstand the water holes and easy to put on and remove. Here are • Read More »

Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Choose winter boots is sometimes quite complicated: between style and comfort that research, there sometimes … a few feet! Here are 6 criteria to facilitate our shopping and maintenance tips.

How to Choose Warm Winter Boots

To protect your feet during the long Quebec winter, choosing a good pair of boots is required. Like the head and hands, the feet are part of the ends not to neglect the risk of ending up with frozen feet.

Names of Popular Men’s Shoes

Brogues, loafers, boots … The mens shoes have many different names, and was not always able to recognize them. Here is a list of names and the most famous male models of shoes, to understand the characteristics of each type and find out what they’re called.