Birken: Trend 2016 Summer Sandal

The climate of summer has already taken care of, although the spring hasn’t arrived yet, but it is now that we can have an idea, with the releases of collections coming out of the oven, what items are being seen in the shop windows, that will be trend.

Well, in the field of footwear, a type of sandal comes calling very carefully and is already making the head or the feet of celebrities and fashionistas around the world and, of course, promises to be a huge success this season, the sandal birken.

If you do not know, save that name, because that model of footwear promises to turn fever, sets absolute in the coming seasons. .. so we’ll show you now how to use birken!

How to Use Birken

If you think you know, but “is not calling the name of the person,” that’s right, this model of birkenstock sandals, also known as birkenstock or sandals, is originally from Germany and have been among the collections of summer a few years ago and was very successful and promises to be the sandal hit of the season.
In fact, it’s been a long time, because it arose when the template’s creator, Konrad Birkenstock, in the early 1900, he created a sock made of Cork and LaTeX, which follow the format similar to the original, if consolidated, so the model that today exports to all over the world.

The template is super practical and comfortable, because it has anatomical soles, perfect to give more comfort to the feet.
Heavier than the flats, the birkens have a more sporty vibe.
The sandal has a super simple design, generally has the leather composed of two wide leather strips with lock for buckles, but can also have their variations in the form of strips, and may appear with a single strip on the edge of the foot, as a slippers there, and also a vertical strip on the back of the feet, fixed between the thumb and the second finger.
But the idea is to be the less formal as possible … that the production has a footprint more stripped.
And how are versatile, perfectly match the looks more simple day to day, as the combinations with jeans and short skirts.

However, outside the birkin are already doing part of more sophisticated productions, even accompanying pieces of alfaiaria, as the blazers.
The secret to refining the look with birkens’s bet on leather versions in basic colors such as black or white.
The trick is to release the creativity and use the birkin with skirts, pants, jumpsuits or Bermuda.
The only restriction on the use is in the case of those who have very thick ankles, in this case, is not very well.
Anyway, if you want to bet on a footwear that is super high, which besides being practical is super comfortable, if you play in this sandal trend Birken.