Barbie Baja Heels and Dancing Debut

Revolutionary toy to fashion icon, his famous face and singular style fashion world have made it on the wrist. I speak of Barbie. After more than five decades since its debut in the annual toy of New York fair, this doll has proven to be a source of constant inspiration to all designers. And today we bring you their latest acquisition in footwear.

Once you sign Spanish as Castaner, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada or victory have tailored a flat shoe for Barbie, now Pretty Ballerinas It has created in real size, an exclusive shoe, to commemorate that the most famous doll in the world low heels and opens flat shoes.

Barbie baja heels with Pretty Ballerinas so this model is called, it is a classic design of dancer, for my taste too child, performed in shiny die cut leather, decorated with a “T” shape to the ankle Bracelet (is what I like less) and with a pink heart-shaped pendant of Swarovski crystals, that is it can also used as charm for bracelet or as a pendant. I would have liked more a dancer without bracelet don’t you think?, but I guess that it is more difficult to lose.