Athletic Shoes J´Hayber, Spring-Summer 2009 Collection

For the lovers of comfort and sneakers, the legendary firm J´Hayber proposes some designs very avant-garde and futuristic for the most chic. And it is when walking or doing sports also should go to the last.

The line of shoes sport-wear are models made for the city, for wear with jeans or a tracksuit, but to go with style despite look with slippers and no high heels. Casual shoes, comfortable, metallic colors and micro perforated materials in fluorine and pastel tones.

We must adapt to the times and signature reinvents its designs of the 80′ in modern, stylish and elegant designs, many of them perfect for sports.

And, of course, can not miss the classic sneakers white, combinable with all. This model, a bit adorned, has details of strass and is carved in silver for the most presumed thread.