All Can Be The Small Dorothy or, at Least, Wear Some Slippers Ruby

I am very freaky, and when I say freak I am referring to unexpected and unimagined levels. I.e. so freaky that my favorite movie (Bridget Jones among other masterpieces omo) is the wizard of Oz. Since I have reason dreamed of follow the Creamery road with a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow as unique companions (as well as my pet in the basket). Yes, always I wanted to be Dorota and take with me an infotible dog beside me called Toto. And although that can’t already have it solved (mine is more than monerrimo, it must be said) it’s the chapines Ruby No.

How are those so super glitter shoes capable of beating the witch most tremendous of planet Earth? That is why when yesterday I saw that Fashion Gone Rogue was a Special red shoes inspired by the film myself a, and why Not? So I also wanted bring my grain of sand. And although you may believe that there is much lack of originality, the models are completely different (obviously).

  • Peep-toes of Sergio Rossi, 346 EUR.
  • Dancers in satin and toe with crystals of Giuseppe ZaNotti, 149 euros.
  • Peep-toes full of crystals of Casadei, 325 EUR.
  • Sandals with Strip glitter in silver of Aldo, 62,33 euros.
  • Sandals with red paillettes of Tom Ford, 360 euros.
  • Patent leather ballerinas of Repetto, 180 euros.
  • Platform and heel in gold glitter of Topshop, 76 euros.

Now only We need to raise the feet three times in a row and say There is No place like home (I’m freaky I said it)…

Which model would you stay?