Advancement of Collaboration for Vans Donny Miller

As always, Vans He wanted to start the year with one of the constants more views in their collections and advances: the collaborations (that are lately increasingly frequent) of the brand with designers, artists, music groups and other companies of footwear collections or part of them in his different seasons.

And this is a preview of what’s new that we enjoy on our feet from Donny Miller, a based artists in Los angeles which wished to collaborate (or rather Vans has been granted the privilege to translate their designs into the shoe) with these two models, belonging to the new season Spring-summer 2010, that play with the washing of the skin with abrasives to give this aspect of fluidity and textura liquid in the drawing.

In two different colors, cyan and magenta, and with a design that attempts to emulate the denim not so, Vans shows us a remnant of what we can see in stores next season. Price, thank God, will not be too different from the rest of the collection shoes, made to seen times running, thank you profusely.