Adidas Brings The Springblade, The Running Shoe That Comes from The Future

The running sneakers they continue to evolve at the speed with which this sport gains followers. No doubt go running can become something more that a healthy habit, who has begun to go running in recent months can confirm it, and is that jogging engages.

One of the basic premises for any started to running is to find sneakers suitable to his style of tread and physical characteristics. But admit it, sometimes let us tempt by design, something that can happen with the new model of Adidas that promises to revolutionize the market: the Springblade.

As you can see the revolutionary realization in this model is that you abandoned the traditional compound of foam sole that we’ve been seeing in almost all models of the latest running decades and instead joins a system in polymers next-generation form of blades.

The system promises maximum resistance (not I deny to have PT’s last two television news) and more surprising, this system helps the energy of your tread becomes a boost forward, so we run more and better, and therefore with less effort.

If you are of which not can resist is to test these curious advances in the world of them slippers of running you must know that until February not will be available to a price that will range them 180 dollars, some 130 euros to the change.