A Zapato-Babucha of Veronique Branquinho for Camper

No doubt the chic line of Camper Camper Together, a collection that was born with the vocation of being an experiment in unique spaces, a conception of tents as mobile art galleries or interior ofsign with hints of art installation in which shoes were, first and foremost, a work more than admire, acquire and especially to use in everyday life (as long as we have money to afford it) is

And for this reason, this line priofs itself on having a collaborations in high-Crest, with moofls, ofsigners and even renowned artists and produces the most innovative and not only vanguardistico the Camper line, but also the current panorama of Spanish footwear.

And the last of her jewelry has been shoe slippers, of Veronique Branquinho the particular peculiarity of become slippers easily to download the part of the heel and make footwear as well more comfortable and with a higher perspiration of the foot, avoiding unpleasant odours and giving the whole a more exotic and oriental touch. Certainly they are nice and practical, except the days of rain or muddy soils, also. The problem is that the prices of these collections imaginaréis that they reach exorbitant levels, because the shoe, 200 euro no less. It is what they have so exclusive collections.