What, after all, can we do in Madrid? Get to know must-see itinerary tips in the Spanish capital!

What goes through your mind when the city of Madrid is mentioned? Most likely you think of an explosion of colors, rhythms and flavors, right? And in a way, that is completely correct. The capital of Spain (and also its largest city) is a place full of incredible information and curiosities.

However, although it is relatively well known, few people know exactly what to expect from a place like Madrid. So planning your trip well   and knowing what awaits you in one of Europe’s most imposing, ancient and impressive postcards is essential.

With this in mind, we have prepared a text that aims to show you the  main tips for those who will visit Madrid for the first time. Throughout our conversation, we will discover incredible and unmissable places to make your trip even more special. Good reading!

  1. Read about the history of the place

Although today Spain is not part of the European Union’s great economic axis, this has not always been so. Centuries ago, she and  Portugal  starred in the Great Navigations and were the first unified nations on the entire continent. With that, they  were very powerful, both economically and politically.

To this day, both countries have strong roots in their culture from that time. This is reflected in the way historic sites are preserved. Because of this, it is very easy to see very old buildings in this Spanish city, which is a full plate for those who love to know more about the history of the places they visit.

  1. Get quite ready

In addition to reading about the country’s history, it is very interesting to learn about other aspects, such as cultural characteristics, customs and habits of that people. This makes the visit much easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Practicing some Spanish  (even if it’s  just the basics !) Is also important to avoid confusion when ordering, for example.

Getting ready also includes getting information about transportation lines, checking the location of major hotels, having a predefined list of restaurants, among other things. Walking around and discovering new places is very valid, but  good planning  can avoid problems  and waste unnecessary time.

  1. Practice immersion in culture

Another very cool tip to enjoy your trip to Madrid in the best way possible is to whip in the immersion. In good and clear Portuguese, play! Forget the Brazilian people and  try to visit the sights with a completely different view. Remember that you will be in one of the cradles of modern civilization in  Europe .

Finally, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Try to include yourself among the people of Madrid, who are a very receptive people and are always ready for a good party. This way, you will get to know this capital in the best way possible: learning the local culture from those who live there.

  1. Know the main sights

A trip to Madrid isn’t complete without sightseeing, isn’t it? So be sure to include them in your travel itinerary! Here are some of the places you can’t miss on a trip to the Spanish capital:

Prado Museum

One of the most important museums in Europe, it opened in 1819 and houses a huge collection of cultural artifacts, especially paintings and sculptures from around the world. There are, for example, works by Rafael and El Greco.

Royal palace

Built in the mid-18th century, the Royal Palace is to this day the largest royal house in all of Europe. In it are the Sabatini Gardens (another important tourist spot of Spain) and countless riches very important for the history of that country.

La Almudena Cathedral

Built in a mix of styles ranging from neoclassical to neo-gothic, this cathedral is one of the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Spain. Its construction took over 100 years to complete and it is today one of the most symbolic European churches.

Spain square

Stage of many historical moments, Plaza de España is an artistic complex in the open air of the streets of Madrid. There, for example, you can check out a series of works dedicated to the writer Miguel de Cervantes, an important author of the Spanish Renaissance.

We can also mention places like Plaza Mayor and the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum. These are just some of the most popular tourist spots in this city. There, there are numerous attractions for all tastes!

  1. Be sure to check out the local cuisine

Going to Spain and not checking the typical dishes of that country is practically heresy. So, check out some of Madrid’s top restaurants, which include names like:

  • González House;
  • La Perejila;
  • Tandem;
  • La Malondrina;
  • Saraiba;
  • Los Montes de Galicia;
  • El Callejon Tavern;
  • Morgana Restaurant;
  • La Levantera;
  • Gastronomy 61;
  • La Gaditana Castellana.

In addition to these restaurants, it is interesting to explore the city and find small establishments, which usually make  great quality typical foods  and offer an intimate atmosphere with a lot of history to tell. Be sure to check it out!

  1. Observe the city’s nightlife

When we think of Madrid, we think of lots of sunshine and tree-lined streets, with an always hot climate. Although this is relatively true (especially  during the summer), there is much more to see in the city. One of the highlights, including, is the nightlife.

Madrid people know how to party like nobody, so  the night in the city is also very busy. There are attractions to suit all tastes, including nightclubs, nightclubs and bars that promise to carry the fun into the night. So if you like ballads and similar attractions, Madrid is also the right city for you!

  1. Go shopping whenever possible

Shopping in Madrid is a well-known tourist attraction. There, there are numerous places intended exclusively for this activity, with prices that can vary greatly according to your pocket and your needs. Some of the hot spots of shopping are:

  • El Corte Inglés;
  • Calle Serrano;
  • Calle de José Ortega and Gasset;
  • Gran Via;
  • Calle del Carmen;
  • Calle de Preciados;
  • Fuencarral Street.

Despite these tips for places, it is worth looking for other shopping options while strolling the city streets. There are many  small shops with great prices and crafts produced by locals . So you not only stimulate the economy of small producers, but bring home exclusive products as a reminder of this great trip!

Did you like the tips we brought to make your trip to Madrid so much simpler? There are numerous activities to do in this city and surely you will discover the most interesting when exploring the surroundings. However, it is always good to have a roadmap planned to avoid unforeseen events and to visit the most important points of the place. Good trip!